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Our commitment

At Kamath Plastics, we are here to satisfy our customers needs, by manufacturing and supplying products, at the right time and the right price. We advise and accompany you in your project and fulfil all your requirements.

Our services go from tool designing and mold manufacturing to injection molding, insert over molding, sonic welding and sub-assembly.

We communicate


We continuously improve ourselves even after 30 years in the industry.
We know that a good communication is the cement for a good customer-manufacturer relationship.
That is why we will have the pleasure to recieve your request via:

We will do our best to answer any request and of course deliver our finest!

We innovate

From our foundation by Narasimha KAMATH, we overcame many challenges and had many achievements.
We grew stronger, from obtaining certification to supplying international groups.

Our Team

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Our Management team

Narasimha KAMATH
Managing Director

Basaveswara CHENNAPPA
Plant Manager

Jonathan Pierre BOUCARD
Business Development Manager

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Our Admin team

Narendra NAYAK
Finance Manager

Hemavathi SHANKAR
Human Resources

Sujata M. NAIK
HR Assistant

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Our Engineering team

Head of New Product Development

Head of Quality

Head of Materials

The parts we supply

For more than 30 years we serve different industries including:

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All this parts are processed with the following materials:

Our molding facilities

Our facilities are equipped with 23 state of the art molding machines of Arburg, Nissei, Cincinnati, Ferromatik Milacron and Multiplas makes.

Our machines have a range going from 40 tonnes to 250 tons and are all equiped with mold temperature controllers, bi-metallic screw and barrel specializing in molding of clear and aesthetically critical parts. they can process up to 450° melting temperature materials.

Our range includes all rounders and shuttle table machines specializing in insert molding, over molding and parting line injection parts.

We consume around 330MT of plastics raw material and 75MT of metal inserts per annum.

Our valuable customers